Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to as many of the questions we can think of that we are asked by clients looking to join.

General Questions

So why not just charge for a website?

Sure, if you have hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds burning a hole in your pocket, there are many very talented designers and developers who will help you spend that money quickly and easily. But what if, like 90% of us, you don’t what if you just have this one good idea, one genius product, or subject that you need to get out to the world and only a moth or two in your pocket?

This is where we come in, we can help advise you on the best practises, offer you tips and tricks on how to build and market your website and as a bonus provide you with the hosting, domain name, emails oh and a professionally designed website just waiting for you to fill with information. All for a low monthly fee.

What happens once I have joined?

As soon as we receive notification, a purple bearded gentleman will contact you to discuss your project in more details. From there you will liaise with your account manager to provide them with all the information they will need to be able to provide you with the optimum level of service, this will include copy of all images and logos, design hints, similar sites etc.

Is it easy to keep up to date?

We only utilise the industries leading CMS, WordPress. This CMS is used on 30% of all websites on the internet! 30%!!!!! This is because it is safe, easy to use, and extremely powerful. If you have ever used Word to write a letter, you will be able to update your website, add images, and much more.

What About Support?

We pride ourselves on our level of service, we have tried to ensure that there are many ways for us to help you. You have a dedicated account manager who can be contacted throughout the working week, there is email, telephone, messenger, ticket support, and SMS all built into your account panel. Alongside a comprehensive help section with video walkthroughs on how to do many aspects on your website. 

How Fast Can You Complete Our Website? ?

Well that’s down to a number of factors, we aim to have a working website up for you within 10 working days. However, this can be delayed if you do not send over the relevant information to your account manager, or require additional functionality. However, as you can see from some of our reviews, we have even managed a 48 hour turn around on certain memberships.

How Come You Charge If I want To Keep The Website?

Domain name and hosting don’t come for free, nor does a fully functioning, personally tailored website, neither does the wealth of tips & tricks we provide to help boost your website and your brand. Most of the work we do happens up front, the design and build, the purchase of the domain, setting up your emails etc. If you were to have even the most basic of websites built and hosted you would be looking at many hundreds of pounds out of your own pocket.

By charging a nominal fee of £100, we cover the initial cost of domain name purchase and hosting. It doesn’t cover everything else we have discussed, but we know that once you have experienced our membership, and the level of support and benefits we provide, you will never want to leave us anyway.

Ive Been With You A While, How About A New Design?

With our unique theme, it is very easy to change your website on a regular basis, keeping it fresh and new. However, if you wish for a complete new look, and would rather we did it for you, that is not a problem, your account manager can sit and discuss with you a one of fee, or an upgrade option to help keep your costs to a minimum.

How Do I Decide Which Membership Is For Me?

We have 3 main membership levels. Standard, Professional & Executive. The majority of people will comfortably fit into the standard membership, If you want access to eCommerce tips & tricks or functionality, i.e. you want to be able to sell products online and take payments etc then you will wan the professional membership. And if you need extra functionality for specific markets, such as directory listings, auto sales etc then you will need Executive.

About Your Membership

How Long Is It?

We do not believe in tying you in to long contracts, we hope that you will so love our benefits and extras that you will never leave, but we do understand that circumstances change and for one reason or another you may wish to leave us. And while we will be very sad to see you go, you can cancel at any time. Your access will remain active for the remainder of the monthly period you have already paid for and no further payments will be taken.

What If I want to keep my site but cancel my membership?

This is not an issue, we design your sites using the industry leading CMS namely WordPress. Simply pay the release fee of £100 and you will be supplied with a full back up of the website, and we will transfer your domain name to your new host. N.B. Your new host will need to set up your emails again, and we are unable to export your archived emails. It is recommended you do a back up on your computer.

I want to upgrade to get the E-Commerce tips & functionality

No problem at all, you can upgrade at any time through your account, and we have a few specialised add-ons that might be of interest to you.  

I've broken something! Help!!!

You are perfectly safe, we back up all our sites daily, and in most cases as simple revision restore can fix the mistake without the need for a complete restoration. But if one is required, we will simply restore the site to how it was yesterday and you wil not have lost too much work (Hopefully).

My friends personal site has music playing, can I have this?

Yes and then again NO!!, Nu Uh, um hell no, and other ways of saying nonononnonnonno.

Having music playing on a personal site is fine, but not when you are attracting clients, most of who are looking while at work, so either don’t have speakers and therefore its pointless, or shouldn’t be browsing on the works computer, and therefore will get in trouble if your site suddenly goes Ta Da! Don’t do it, you can add highly visible audio PLAY buttons for them to listen to items on your website. It’s got to be their choice not yours!

Have a Different Question?

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Corona Update
This rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While the team here still aims to maintain a “business as usual” approach, we are making a number of significant changes to our operations to account for a situation that is far from normal. With immediate effect we have closed our offices and will be working from home. We remain open for existing and new clients via the following methods: We will try to respond within 30 minutes during business hours.